The Healthiest Way to Wipe Your Butt

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Have you thought about the health of your bottom? Do you know the healthiest way to wipe your bottom? Okay, so these aren’t the most exciting questions to ask and you’ve probably never thought of asking them either, but, they’re important to a lot of people. Finding a healthy way to wipe your bottom is important – for a host of reasons – and it’s not as stupid as you think. So, what do you need to know about wiping your bottom, and what’s the healthiest way to wipe?

Avoid Over Wiping

Bowel movements are unpredictable and there will be times when you feel as though you need to continue wiping; however, that could cause irritation. Depending on your bowel movements, you may need to spend longer cleaning your bottom. At the same time, you don’t want to over wipe as it can cause irritation and may even be painful to sit down. Sometimes, for the sake of your bottom’s health, it’s best to be a little warier as to how hard or often you wipe. If you’re over-enthusiastic, you could end up causing a few problems and that’s not what you want. Instead, be cautious and know when to stop. More details!

Quality Toilet Paper Is Needed

Very few people think about the type of toilet paper they buy. It’s not the most important decision in the world or the most exciting topic. The reality is that most toilet paper will do the job well enough; yet, the one you choose may impact the health of your bottom. Quality toilet paper may make all the difference in the world when it comes to wiping healthier. It may also make it easier on your bottom as it’s softer and kinder. While it’s strange to say – and probably something you’ve never considered before – it may make a difference to you. That’s why it’s sometimes worth investing in quality paper.

Toilet Wipes

For some, they don’t feel as though they clean their bottoms well enough. For others, they haven’t really been taught how to wipe properly, as strange as it sounds. While there are only a few ways to wipe your bottom, there are many ways to do it wrong. Have you thought about disposable toilet wipes? These are sanitary and good for bottom health, in a sense. They will cleanse your bottom and prevent irritation from over wiping. Remember, toilet paper might cause some irritation to occur, especially if you’ve been experiencing a flare-up of IBS or diarrhea.

Wipe With Care

Good hygiene doesn’t stop after you’ve wiped your bottom, it should continue until you’ve washed your hands. Unfortunately, this isn’t something everyone does, as disgusting as it sounds. Do you wash your hands after every time you use the toilet – even in public washrooms? Sometimes, this can be a little too lax and it causes a lot of health hazards. So, while learning to wipe your bottom properly, you also have to consider hygiene afterward. It’s good for your health to wipe properly and keep your hygiene up to par.

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