Are Dental Implants Covered By Insurance

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Will your insurance cover dental implants?

Depending on your individual insurance policy, coverage of implant treatment may vary. If you have a dental insurance policy, you will need to check with your insurance provider to find out for certain whether or not your benefits will cover dental implants.


Many policies do not cover dental implants. The majority of dental plans are only designed to cover things such as basic care, routine maintenance, and emergencies. Implants are generally considered to be a cosmetic dental treatment. This can make it difficult to make a claim on your dental insurance unless your dentist has advised you that you need the implants for medical reasons.


Every now and then, some patients do actually have partial or substantial coverage for implants. This is why it is always advised to ask, because sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised. Most companies exclude implants as a covered benefit; despite that, many will pay the same benefit they are willing to cover for the lowest cost alternative treatment option, such as dentures. This also applies to some of the diagnostic procedures, if a specific request is made for “alternative benefits.”


Your dentist can assist you and look into your dental plan to see if you might qualify for dental implant coverage. They will check to see if your plan includes a “Health Spending Account” or an “Alternative Benefit Clause”. Even if your policy does include implants as a covered benefit, the amount of coverage you can receive will still be limited to the annual maximum permitted.


Implants are Frequently the Cheaper Solution


Implants do have a greater cost up front, but they are often the less expensive long-term solution. With proper care and maintenance, implants are meant to last a lifetime. Many alternatives will inevitably need to be re-done as time passes.


Implants are also likely to leave you with a more satisfying result. They imitate real teeth, allowing you feel as though you really have your old smile back. You will be able to eat, laugh, and grin just like you did before, without ever having to worry about losing a crown or your dentures falling out of your mouth. Implants are anchored to your jaw bone, which means you won’t have to face the problems that alternative treatments may cause.


What if I can’t afford the cost up front?


Don’t fret if you can’t pay for it all up front. Many dentists accept financing that will help make your dental implants more affordable. Some patients choose long-term payment plans, or forego the purchase of a new car or vacation plans so that they can invest in a more long-lasting benefit. It’s a very personal decision, and you will have to choose what’s best for you. If you think dental implants might be a good fit for you, contact your dentist today.


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